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Under A Godless Veil

by Draconian

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Rebecca Raptor
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Rebecca Raptor Probably this band's most graceful and beautiful so far. The vocalist really shows her strengths here, mingling in with very atmospheric tracks. Hits hard when it needs to and gets dark when it needs to, but never dipping too far into doom metal sludgery. Favorite track: The Sethian.
Unique Wanderer
Unique Wanderer thumbnail
Unique Wanderer Ever since I felt the arcane rain fall I've liked this bands story telling set in Doom Metal genre. Their music captures the elusive wholeness to the dark and catabolic current of nature to me that usually passes away in those dreams that I try to remember when awakening but can't.. Favorite track: The Sacrificial Flame.
Alice M.
Alice M. thumbnail
Alice M. I vaguely knew about this band but the previous efforts seemed kinda inconsistent to me. Here, though, I agree with the consensus saying (AFAIK) that they made an incredible leap forward. And Heike Langhans’ vocals are always a nice thing to have, regardless of the band. Favorite track: Sleepwalkers.
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Sleepwalkers 06:44
The Sethian 06:51


And though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death...
Almost five years after their sixth long-player Sovran, DRACONIAN once again cast their breathtaking veil of melancholy over the world. This second full-length release featuring singer Heike Langhans delivers a captivating mélange of dreary doom and contrasty vocals and mixes Heike's angelic female voice with Anders Jakobsson's death growls. The one-hour long album, graced with a haunting cover artwork by Natalia Drepina, is carrying the legacy of gothic doom metal à la My Dying Bride or Trees Of Eternity into the new decade and will drag the listener into a sorrowful cosmos right with the first notes of the spellbinding opener "Sorrow Of Sophia" that interweaves beauty with crippling depression. After crushing slow rhythms and the fragile "Sleepwalkers" that leads through barren soundscapes, the band - founded in Säffle / Sweden in 1994 – rises up to their best in the nine-minute long 'Ascend Into Darkness', which will echo in the listener's ears long after the final chord has died away.



released October 30, 2020


all rights reserved



Draconian Säffle, Sweden


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